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May 15 2018

Your Emotional Support Spider And Goat Are Now Banned On American Airlines

The airline released a list of prohibited animals after seeing a 40 percent rise in onboard companions.

May 11 2018

May 02 2018

United Bans Many Popular Dog And Cat Breeds From Cargo Holds After Pet Deaths

The airline unveiled new restrictions in its pet transportation policy.

Roller Coaster Riders Suspended 100 Feet In The Air, Facing Down, After Malfunction

An "abnormality" halted the coaster at the worst possible time.

April 18 2018

What The Southwest Flight Can Teach Us About Oxygen Masks

A former flight attendant called out passengers for wearing their masks incorrectly.

April 11 2018

Here’s Exactly When To Book An International Flight (Based On New Data From More Than A Million Airfares)

Don’t worry, we’ll still be over here clicking refresh for all the domestic trips we’ve got coming up.

These Gorgeous Secret Lagoons Exist For Only Three Months A Year

Lençóis might give off Saharan vibes, but the park is not technically a desert.

March 28 2018

March 27 2018

The 8 Best Destinations For Sports Fans

Although not technically a stadium, the The Field of Dreams Movie Site© is an iconic landmark for anyone who fell in love

March 23 2018

35 Quirky Hotels Around The World

From converted airplanes, trains and silos to ice caves and giant animals, these hotels are pretty special.

March 20 2018

United Airlines Temporarily Suspends Cargo Travel For Pets

The decision follows multiple pet-related mishaps, including the death of a puppy.

Personal Information Of 880,000 Orbitz Customers Likely Breached

The company says payment information may have been accessed.

March 15 2018

The Perfect Destinations For Family Vacations

Have you ever dreamt of spending the night in a treehouse? Those dreams will now come true for you and your children at the

March 14 2018

United Airlines Mistakenly Flies Family's Dog To Japan Instead Of Kansas City

The mix-up came just a day after a puppy died aboard a United flight.

24 Pets Died Flying With U.S. Carriers Last Year. 18 Were On United.

Department of Transportation data show that 18 pets died last year in United's cargo program.

March 13 2018

Dog Dies On United Flight After Passenger Forced To Put Carrier In Overhead Bin

The airlines says it takes "full responsibility for this tragedy."

March 12 2018

Space Mountain With The Lights On Is A Freaky Experience

See Disney's most famous coaster in a whole new light.

March 09 2018

Disney's 'Star Wars' Land Takes Shape In New Video -- And It's Huge

Aerial footage shows the massive scale of construction at Disneyland.

March 08 2018

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